Wine Tour Niagara Falls – Niagara On The Lake – NOTL – Wine Country

The beauty of Niagara’s wine country awaits you. Vineyards and breathtaking landscapes are the perfect scenery for your next adventure. Only a short drive from Niagara Falls or from Hamilton area, its easy access to either the Niagara Escarpment bench wineries or the Niagara on the lake wineries.  With over 120 wineries to offer, there is no better place to sample, learn, and discover all there is to know about wine. Specializing in both small and large groups, Mermaid will let you tour wine country in style.

Twenty Valley or “The Bench” as locals know it, is tucked between Lake Ontario and the majestic Niagara Escarpment, this charming area is home to some of Niagara’s world-class VQA wineries.  Extending from Winona all the way to St Catharines, the Twenty Valley wineries produce Ontario wines both recognized and celebrated across Canada and the world. The constantly circulating breezes between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment moderate temperatures which slows down spring warming. This lake effect prevents the cold air from settling in the fall and extends the growing season, and it also warms the temperatures in the winter. This unique climate is what makes Twenty Valley a unique place to grow fruit and craft wines, which lured winemakers to come and create their own version of perfection in a glass.

There is no better way to explore the wineries the Niagara Region has to offer than with an unhurried afternoon sampling of award winning wines along the Niagara wine route.  Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a wine novice, your group can create their own itinerary for the day depending if your interests lie in estate wineries or boutique wineries, or even breweries and distilleries, Niagara Region has something to offer everyone.

Each year the Niagara wineries participate in various festivals which allow you to go online and purchase a Discovery Pass on the event website to allow you to sip and savour local cuisine paired with local wines. For three weekends in January the Niagara Ice Wine Festival kicks into gear, you can purchase a Discovery Pass online on the event page which offers eight unique parings at your choice of 40 different wineries in the Niagara Region.  Come February Niagara on the Lake wineries celebrate the Days of Wine and Chocolate each weekend. This celebration allows you to explore the decadently sweet and savory art of pairing wines with chocolate. The Days of Wine and Chocolate offer a touring pass which is also available online. What could be better than a spring afternoon with a few friends, barbecue and some fine wine? Each weekend in May boasts the Sip and Sizzle event hosted by Niagara on the lake wineries as well.  Tour passes are also available online on the event page and allow you to try a unique grilled food item paired perfectly with a VQA wine. The Niagara Grape and Wine Festival occurs each year for three weekends during September and you can purchase the Discovery Pass online to allow you to visit eight local wineries to taste and enjoy a great local wine and a food paring at each. Weekends in November celebrate Taste of the Season at the Niagara on the Lake wineries which is always a must do event.  This festival also provides a Discovery Pass online which allows you to sample local wines with local food pairing.

Forget the crowded tour buses, or having to find a designated driver, there is absolutely no better way to see what Niagara has to offer and sample the best local wines than in the comfort of your own custom limousine. Leave the work to us, and we leave the drinking to you!

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